How long shall they kill our Prophets, while we stand aside and look?

We sick an tired of-a your ism-skism game –
Dyin n goin to heaven in-a jesus name, lord.
We know when we understand:
Almighty God is a living man.
You can fool some people sometimes,
But you cant fool all the people all the time.
So now we see the light (what you gonna do?),
We gonna stand up for our rights!

-Bob Marley



I think its Law Schools doing it but its open for debate.



These guys didn’t get the “Official Story” memo yet… tsk tsk.



Look on the bright side, there is no way to get food poisoning at McDonalds due to the sheer lack of food.

WikiLeaks is your best friend.

Julian Assange is a God.

Who is he? Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks, the whistle-blowing website that seems to be getting alot of attention from the US government.

Whistle Blower and attention from the US government? Humm, must mean he has touched upon things not wanted known. If WikiLeaks didn’t hit a sore spot, the ruling body wouldn’t scream now would it?

We hide presents from our loved ones for the sake of a joyous surprise on Christmas so I know we all conceal things on occasion BUT…in a free and open society, things done in secret are secret because they would not be tolerated.

I don’t know how much control Mr. Assange has on his website but if he is soley responsible for its content, good for him.


If we accept this behavior from our leaders and agree the truth and facts are not to be openly discussed and call the ones among us who are willing to have free and open discussions a terrorist, how long before some member of society doesn’t like what your doing or saying and yanks your business and calls you a rapist.

It pains me that we have to be reminded of this constantly but we have societal alzheimer’s and there apparently is no cure.

WikiLeaks current website….

You are what you consume.

So, your thinking about trying

the next celeb/TV/infotainment/Opra

DrPhilyourheadwithbullduck Diet?

Go on the Auschwitz Diet, it is as follows…


There were no overweight concentration camp campers, maybe because they were concentrating so hard on how to get the hell out.

Besides, I am just as guilty with my extra 25 plus pounds that I am carry around so by no means am I pointing my somewhat bloated finger at anyone in particular.

In this the most consumption celebrated time of year, remember, you are what you consume.

And that goes for your physical diet as well as your mental and spiritual diet.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom Gobbler woke up Thursday.

Like every other morning Tom checked the want ads for a job.

This morning the paper started trembling in his hands as he read……
Avian Astronaut Wanted, Start Today!!!

Tom washed his wattle and rushed to the interview.

Training started right away.

His clothing was removed in a process that Tom thought to be a
bit barbaric but was told it was necessary to fit in the capsule.

Packing bread up his ass, they told Tom it was provisions for his
mission but the celery hurt and he worried that the added spices
were a bit much.

Tom overheard that the ship was almost to temperature for liftoff.

His arms and legs were tied so he would not interfere with the
inflight controls. The butter they put on him made it slippery to
push buttons anyway, so he didn’t mind.

The people from mission control seemed to resemble each
other and argue a bit, but they all seemed very eager for him
to have a successful trip.

Before he could collect his thoughts, Tom was placed in a
bright silver alloy seat…

A painful monitor was stuck in his chest and Tom, for the
second time that Thursday morning, started trembling.

He was so excited.

Tom was sure he was the FIRST of the Gobblers to ever go to
space, he would get his pick of hens for sure when he got back!

With some debate among the older controllers as to who was
going to do the “interview” with Tom upon his return, he was
wisked into the capsule.

With a squeek and a BANG, the capsule door closed and Tom was
looking out the window at the busy people outside.

Tom was happy that they had removed his clothes as it
was quite warm in the ship.

Actually, it was fucking HOT in the ship.

Toms mind raced.

Could this be a malfunction, another NASA mistake?!!?

Tom started to panic.

“TOM TO GROUND CONTROL”, he screeched, but no answer.

If this was the end, he thought, Tom Gobbler was going to
take it with dignity and grace.

Over the baking heat and crackling in the capsule Tom could
overhear bits and pieces from outside the ship.

….another Cowboy first down…………40% off sale starts
tomorrow……….this is the second year this float has been
in the parade………..

What the hell, Tom thought, if he was going to die he
didn’t mind the hallucinations.

Although brief, Tom realized he had never before been given so
much attention, respect and adoration.

What a grand Thursday!

As he slowly fell asleep, Tom was THANKFUL.