The mainstream muppet string yankers that manipulate your thoughts have gone strangely quite about the Gulf Of Mexico lately… it’s more important to argue over a fabricated news story concerning a group of people wanting to open an establishment in order to worship their imaginary friend at the site of the greatest atrocity the elite has ever perpetrated upon the masses.

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National Geographic News

Published August 19, 2010

Christine Dell’Amore

A giant plume from BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill has been confirmed deep in the ocean—and there are signs that it may stick around, a new study says.

Many scientists had predicted that oil-eating bacteria—already common in the Gulf due to natural oil seeps—would process much of the crude leaked from BP‘s Deepwater Horizon wellhead, which was capped July 15. (Read more about how nature is fighting the oil spill.)

But new evidence shows that a 22-mile-long (35-kilometer-long), 650-foot-high (200-meter-high) pocket of oil has persisted for months at depths of 3,600 feet (1,100 meters), according to a team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Massachusetts.

NYDaily News has another story on the same subject. I am sure this will get some media over the course of the next few days…


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