It sickens me that a lot of people in this land think that the folks from that land are destroying this land.

Do YOU have the gonads to leave your hometown, family, friends, country and go to a land that you know hates each other and hates you and is  going to treat you like worthless meat in the hopes of creating a better life for yourself?

How hopeless are things when you must contemplate that scenario?

There is vast wealth in this land and the world itself, it is stomach turning to think we treat each other like this… any one of us holds the key to a better future for all, an immigrant may save your life someday, or the life of a loved one.

If you argue that it cost us tax dollars, you should be shot and taxed for the bullet… our taxes don’t even pay the interest on the debt the bankers hold over us… wake the fuck up. You are owned as much as anyone else…pretty soon its gonna be you running for a better life…



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