I must admit that I have been lost in a fog of artistic turmoil, strange living arrangements, lack of the greenback, meeting new people and weed smoke, so I may be missing something here BUT….

How the hell does a human being that has any reasonable thought at all justify laws controlling what someone smokes from, smokes anything from, weed, coke, crack, your dead mothers ashes, ANYTHING? Who feels the need to regulate another persons life on this level?

Lets not let anyone drink milk from a glass larger than John Holmes famous extremity or lets legislate the color of the wine glass you use to throw at your spouse after having too many at a family function.

I just don’t get it, apparently there are no issues that our “leaders” have better time for.

Someone should remove Charlie Crist’s balls for this one but I think he removed them himself.

Again, we have gotten what we deserve.


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