“The Sheeple”

empty mindless bags of water who are unable to think for themselves.

they believe as they are told to believe cause they are too stupid to question.

they continuously regurgitate whatever propaganda that has been spoon fed to them and declared to be fact.

the sheeple get their information from only one source – the approved source, rather than gaining information from multiple sources and forming their own opinion…. See More

they have been convinced they can not think for themselves and need others to make decisions for them.

the sheeple are not exclusive to any one situation or group.
some are sheeple to Religion.
some are sheeple to Cults.
some are sheeple to Politics.
some are sheeple to a cause.
some are just sheeple to whatever is in front of them.

it truly bothers me that many do not think for themselves and blindly follow.

~ Black Heart

~Black Heart~ Facebook link


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