You and your tax return…


I was like everyone else, pay my taxes, obey what I was told, everyone does it so it must be true, look forward to a “return”, then I started to wonder why it was my JOB to get MY money back from the government, they were not paying me for my time and labor to do so, none of it made sense.

When something isn’t clear to me I try to understand it (not a fan of vagueness) and what I found out, over 20 years ago, is exactly what is said in the movie “AMERICA Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo.

Its difficult for me to believe that the same uneasy feeling of being lied to hasn’t crossed more minds than it has, it may be apathy but I want to think it is just our nature to trust. Still some things stink like a landfill in Jersey and should be apparent!


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